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Our Juicy Curriculum

At Yattendon our staff have a passion for a creative curriculum which is rich, demanding and develops the imagination through the creative use of media and materials. We believe that this is the key to motivation in learning and the growth of pupils self esteem and enjoyment and their success as learners. The curriculum is the means of developing our vision and ethos of the school and helps generate a strong sense of team work and creativity in everyone.
At Yattendon our curriculum is designed to give cohesion, meaning and motivation, developing the commitment, curiosity and creativity of each child. This has been done by linking the learning experience into a meaningful whole. A thematic approach stitches together the individual subjects of the National Curriculum into a ‘seamless coat of learning’. It makes everything related and relevant and enables...
·         Learning in a meaningful context and allows for first hand experience and concentrates on the depth and breadth of the curriculum. 
·         Links to be made and ensures that children apply knowledge and skills learned in one area to others, thus reinforcing learning and increasing understanding and confidence 
·         Effective coverage of the National Curriculum and makes good use of longer blocks of time, enabling sustained work on themes covering more than one subject
·         Team work and detailed cross-curricular planning and promotes shared vision and consistency
·         Creativity in learning and encourages flexibility and the development of exciting learning opportunities through different teaching techniques and strategies, making learning vivid and real.
To fulfil our aims of integration and creativity we have developed a curriculum model based on termly topics or themes for each year group. These have been chosen to link in with the National Curriculum and act as titles to hang the programmes of study and learning objectives for all the different subjects which have been carefully allocated to the topics to ensure good coverage. Each term has a main focus taken from the Foundation Subjects to promote a broad and balanced curriculum and nearly all the learning will relate in some way to the topic. A very important vehicle to implement this cross-curricular approach is English. Relevant skills are taken from the Literacy Strategy and given a meaningful context through the topic and learning is enhanced and enriched. This happens in Science and ICT and to a lesser extent in Maths and requires detailed but flexible planning and a whole school approach so that important work is shared out and revisited.
We are very proud of our Curriculum. We believe that our Topics make learning fun and that if a child is motivated and challenged they are more likely to succeed. We design learning experiences with a strong narrative that makes what the children do related and relevant and hopefully rather tasty! 
In fact our school curriculum is a bit like a doughnut. You know those delicious rings with icing and hundreds and thousands on top...
The hundreds and thousands? -the colourful and exciting events and activities that tempt the children to school each day
The icing?- the rich and seamless curriculum that links and sweetens the day to day learning experiences through the term
The donut itself? – the caring and loving relationships that unify and nurture the individuals in the family of school life
And the hole? – the indefinable creativity that lies in the centre of each individual, making us whole and truly satisfying us


Year Groups
Science: Materials; Rocks and soils
‘Good to Grow’ (The Body, Food, helping plants grow)
Here and There (Horley and a contrasting place in the world)
Science: Light and shadow; magnets and springs
Tyrant King (Tudors)
Science: Forces (pullies) & keeping warm
Inside Out & Outside In (Teeth, Moving & growing, how we see things)
Jungle Journey (People living in rainforests)
Science: Habitats and
changing materials
Changing Face of Britain
(Britain since 1950)
Science: Sound
Galactic Adventure
(Earth, Sun and Moon; Forces in Motion)
(Comparing London and Rio)
Science: Changing State &
life cycles
Science: Changing circuits; circuits and conductors
Another World
(Inderdependence of living things; microorganisms)
(Compare Isle of Wight and Haiti; Coasts, rivers and erosion)
Science: Reversible and irreversible changes; more about dissolving

Individual Needs - Special Educational Needs and Able Children         
The school follows the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs (SEN). If a child experiences difficulty with their learning we will consult with parents and careers and provide additional support. Yattendon also recognises the importance of identifying and making provision for able children. We provide enrichment sessions for able children in maths and also make special provision for able pupils using our curriculum plans. Further details regarding pupils' individual needs can be found in the schools policy for Individual Needs. A School Accessibility Plan is also available and outlines the modifications to the building to improve access for people with disabilities and also outlines areas for further development.

Values Assemblies
We have introduced Values initiative into our Whole School Assemblies to further enrich a positive climate for teaching and learning, alongside our current PSHCE sessions.  A values-based school seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on valuing self, others and the environment through consideration of core values. Values and Options Education is used by an increasing number of schools in Surrey and is well established both across the country and internationally.  There are a range of opportunities to explore each value both in lessons and in assemblies. The values are cooperation, happiness, respect, responsibility, simplicity, peace, love, tolerance, humility, honesty, courage and thoughtfulness.

Outdoor Learning beyond the Classroom
At Yattendon we are firm believers in learning outside the classroom. We are proud and fortunate to have superb grounds, including extensive fields, our own outdoor classroom and ponds. We use these for walks, sports, orienteering, environmental art activities, transition links such as paired reading and many other learning opportunities. We also use School Trips as valuable learning experiences across the school.
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